Aloe spinosissima

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The Aloe spinosissima is a mix between the Aloe arborescens and Aloe humilis. The succulent gives beautiful orange flowers in the spring. On the internet, the Aloe spinosissima is often mistakenly sold as Aloe arborescens. But this is the one and only Aloe spinosissima. The pointed leaves are provided with white spines that look like teeth. Just like Aloe vera, this Aloe is also medicinal. A strong succulent that also works well on the terrace in the summer.


Zon This succulent can be placed in the sun to partial shade.


Keep the soil of this succulent moist, do not let the soil dry out.


The succulent is not edible.


The plant comes in a pot with a diameter of 13 cm.


This succulent is originally from South Africa.


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