Cyanotis somaliensis

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The Cyanotis somaliensis or also called cat's ear is a very easy to keep houseplant. The small olive-green leaves are juicy, elongated and hairy on the edges with silvery white mustache-like hairs.


Zon The cat ear likes a sunny spot in the house. Even if this succulent is in full sunlight, that is no problem.


Water the succulent moderately. Make sure the soil is thoroughly dry between waterings. It is better not to wet the leaves, this can create unsightly spots.


The plant is not edible.


The hanging plant is supplied in a hanging pot with a diameter of 14 cm.


The succulent is native to warm southern countries. They can also be found in the tropics. The Cyanotis somaliensis is originally from Somalia. In total there are about 50 different species known.

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