Epiphyllum anguliger

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The Epiphyllum anguliger is also called the saw cactus. It owes this name to its distinct growth of the stems that grow in a zigzag. The saw cactus is a very popular leaf cactus and can't be missed in your plant collection. In the fall, the cactus can produce fragrant flowers.


Zon It is best to hang the saw cactus in a light place or a place more in the shade, but not in full sun.


The saw cactus does not like drought and needs regular watering without getting too wet. Give it a little water about once a week and let the soil dry out slightly in between. In winter, his water requirement is somewhat lower, especially when it is a bit cooler.


The plant is not edible.


The hanging plant is supplied in a hanging pot with a diameter of 14 cm.


This leaf cactus finds its origin in Mexico.


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