Monadenium ritchiei

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The Monadenium ritchiei is a succulent plant with a thick fleshy trunk. The plant produces beautiful green leaves on this trunk. The succulent plant can grow up to 40 cm high and about 3 cm thick. This plant has recently been included in the Euphorbia  genus, but many enthusiasts see the plant as a species in its own right.


Zon The Monadenium ritchiei likes a sunny spot in the house but avoid direct sunlight. This succulent plant does not like the cold and prefers a temperature of at least 15 degrees.


The plant doesn't need much water. Allow the soil to dry thoroughly between waterings.


The plant is not edible.


The plant is supplied in a pot with a diameter of 13 cm.


This succulent has its origin in Kenya, where it grows on steep, stony slopes.


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