What are cacti?

Cacti are plants adapted to survive in arid environment. They come in a wide variety of shapes and colors and occur naturally only in the Americas, although the genus Rhipsalis is an exception. Cacti often have thorns and always grow in fairly loose and well-drained soil. Cacti often have a spherical or spherical shape, so the plant has less surface area to lose moisture, but more space to store it.


Jungle cacti

Jungle cacti are cacti from the tropics that have an epiphytic growth habit. This means that the hanging cacti live on other plants without extracting food from them. They often grow high in the trees where their roots find sufficient water and nutrients in humus-filled cavities. Examples of jungle cacti are: Rhipsalis, Lepismium, Epiphyllum and Selenicereus.



Most cacti do not require too much care and are therefore also suitable for people with less green fingers. Because most cacti come from a dry and warm environment, they are used to a lot of sunlight. A cactus likes a spot by the window. He likes sunlight and warmth.



You don't have to give a cactus a lot of water, but make sure that you give it some now and then. No water at all will dry out the cactus. Make sure the soil has dried out thoroughly before watering a cactus again. Too much water and too moist soil can cause rot. In the winter months you hardly have to water a cactus, it can then survive on its moisture reserves. From the spring you can slowly build up the water geuzen from about 1x per month to 1x per 2 to 3 weeks in the summer. Continue to make sure that the soil is thoroughly dry between waterings.



Because cacti grow only slowly, you hardly need to repot them. Do you notice that your cactus has stopped growing at all or has too many roots that no longer fit in the current pot? Then it may be time to put the cactus in a larger pot.

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